Not Sure What To Eat During The Crossfit Open 2019? Here’s Our Top 6 Foods for Energy

6 Healthy Foods to Eat for Energy During The CrossFit Open 2019

Yepp, we all know it.

Healthy foods that provide lots of energy are vital for success, especially if you are repeating workouts and need to refuel whilst you rest between WODs.

This is where planning – or lack of it – can make or break the performance.

6 Healthy Foods to Eat for Energy During The CrossFit Open 2019

You don’t want to eat big meals between your WODs. Well, you may want to, but you just shouldn’t.

So bring some light snacks. You want to bring back energy as fast as possible.

There is no need to eat during the workout, if it´s no longer than an hour.

For longer, high intensity energetic workouts eat 50-100 calories every half hour of carbohydrates.

6 Healthy Foods to Eat for Energy During The CrossFit Open 2019

So, without further due, let’s check out what our friends over at BoxRox recommends. 

Here’s what they have to say:


1. Pistachios and Raisins

About a quarter-cup of any dry-roasted nut provides just the right amount of protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Pistachios are richer in potassium, an electrolyte that you lose through sweat, than most other nuts. Pair them with the quick-burning fuel of raisins. The naturally occurring carbohydrates make them a good alternative to pricier sugary sports candies and gels.

2. Banana with Nut Butter

A banana offers a perfectly portable source of complex carbohydrates and contains potassium to ward off muscle cramps. Add peanut, cashew, or almond butter, all of them contain protein and healthy fats to provide you with longer-burning fuel.

3. Fruit and Greek Yogurt

Thick, sour Greek yogurt is a great source of protein, calcium and Vitamin B-12. Fruits are full of natural carbohydrates.

4. Black Beans

Black Beans are incredibly high in fiber, which swells in your stomach and promotes a feeling of fullness. Therefore, watch the amount. A few Beans are enough to make you feel sated. And no one wants to workout with hunger. But too much can make you feel over gorge. And that’s even worse. Second, and quite more important reason: They are full with highly complex carbohydrates that bring energy for a long while. They are packed with protein, just like meat. But unlike meat, there are no saturated fats.

5. Blueberries

Of all fruits you can eat, blueberries may be the top of the top. Eat them raw, mixed in a smoothie, cereal or yoghurt. They have an incredibly high concentration of fibre, vitamins and minerals.

6. Coconut

Milk, Water, Flesh, Oil, Flour. The Coconut is a true all-rounder. :

Coconut oil is an excellent fuel source for workouts and a top choice from these healthy foods. Although it’s a saturated fat, the medium-chain fatty acids make it easily absorbable by the small intestine. This means it provides increased energy faster than any other fat. The fats are converted by the liver into an immediate energy source, much like it would carbohydrates, but it’s sugar and carbohydrate-free. Try a tablespoon of it before your workout.


There you have it my dear friend.

Do what our friends recommend.

Stock up on these items… and watch your energy levels soar during your Crossfit Open. And hey, maybe you’ll be able to snag a spot or two from your competitors if you simply dial in your nutrition and add these foods to your diet :- )