7 Things Girls Who Lift Are Tired Of Hearing

Girls are exposed to all types of crazy comments if they workout.

I took a spin on buzzfeeds article that you can find here and included 7 of the top 15 things girls who lift are tired of hearing.

Which one do you hate the most?

1. I don’t want to build muscle, I just want to look toned!

The Face/ Sky / Via sassygifs.tumblr.com

Seriously? What is “toned”? Where do you think “toned” comes from? The magical “toned” tree?

2. Don’t you worry about getting big muscles?

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Frankly, if I’m going to spend an hour a day lifting my own bodyweight, I’d worry if I didn’t. Bigger muscles are kind of, um, the point.

3. Aren’t you scared of looking like a man?

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No. Just, no.

4. Lifting Weights Make Women Bulky

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Nope. Lifting weights makes women strong, healthy, confident, and curvaceous. Oh, and hard as nails.

5. ‘Real Women’ Aren’t Muscly

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Real women are muscly and skinny and fat and black and white and brown and short and tall and hairy and three-limbed and blonde and ginger and bespectacled and whatever the hell we want to be.

6. Do you need help with that?


Things that guys say to girls in the gym is worthy of its own list, but this one is The Worst. Usually said when we go to rack up our plates, or at the peak of every. single. bicep curl. I’m in the weights room; I’m here to pick up heavy objects.

7. So, can I feel your biceps?